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After years of countless experiences, a worldwide famous economist has determined that the world is divided into four groups of people. According to him; “idiots” make up the majority. The ones who neither contribute to themselves nor the world. The remaining small fraction is divided into three; victims, bandits and the intelligent. Our story is not interested in idiots and victims. It talks about the universal war between bandits and the good ones. On one side there’s Alma and on the other side, there are Falak and Joelle who are obviously bandits that have always been victorious. Naele’s side is not obvious. Her mission is to make us question if people are good because they don’t have the strength to be bad or simply because they are good and conscientious… Are bandits really the winners? Or is it the good ones that ultimately win?

Role: Assistant Director


  • Directors: Ender Emir
  • Screenwriter: Meriç Acemi
  • Co-Production Companies: AY YAPIM, MBC 4
  • D.O.P: Oğuzhan öztürk
  • Sound&Mix: Cem Usalan
  • 1st AD’s: Engin Can Öksüz, Göksel Aydın
  • 2nd AD’s: Tuğba Usta, Ekrem Sönmezay
  • 3rd AD’s: Anıl Doğan Albayrak


  • Falak Muawad Dima Kandaleft
  • Kerim Muawad Qays Najib
  • Alma Alsayyed Kares Bashar
  • Joelle Deeb Rita Harb
  • Tarik Deeb Carlos Azar
  • Naele Salloum Nada Abou Farhat
  • Luai Salloum Samr Al-Masry
  • Khaled Masoud Badih Abou Chakra

The only way she can escape it was to jump.

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