Kanunsuz Topraklar
TV Series


1939, Zonguldak. Working as a miner with his father and siblings in one of the city's coal mines, Davut leads a modest life with his mother and 6-year-old younger brother. One morning when they took over the day shift, 9 people lost their lives in a dent in the mine where they worked. Among them is David's father. Malik Bey, who is the owner of the mine, is responsible for the dead. Because, despite all the warnings of David, he did not take any precautions. When Malik Bey, who lives a rich life with his daughters Gülfem, Behice and Fikriye, gets rid of the accusations easily, Davut decides to take matters into his own hands.

Image Title
Kanunsuz Topraklar - 2022
Image Title
Kanunsuz Topraklar - 2022

Image Title
Kanunsuz Topraklar - 2022


  • Director: Cevdet Mercan
  • Screenwriter: Can Sinan
  • Production Company: Gold Film Productions
  • D.O.P: Volkan Aslan
  • Sound&Mix: Sayit Çakır
  • 1st AD: Gökçe Baltacı
  • 2nd AD: Seda Çetiner
  • 3rd AD: Anıl Doğan Albayrak


  • Davut: Uğur Güneş
  • Gülfem: Esra Bilgiç
  • Yavuz: Kaan Taşaner
  • Fatma: Mine Teber
  • Cemal: Doğaç Yıldız
  • Ali Gelik: Necip Memili
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