Movie/TV Director and Producer

Anıl Doğan Albayrak

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Making movies, being part of crews, taking responsibilities, and working my creativity identify me

My Experience


I’ve directed three short films so far. And worked as an AD in many series and films. Film directing and film production have been my main focuses since I stepped into film school. Ever since I have continued following this path, I keep telling stories with all my passion and motivation.


Making movies, being a part of a film crew, taking responsibility, and adding creativity to the project… these words identify me.


Knowledge of editing is so precious that it puts filmmakers one step ahead. It saves your time on the set and also in post-production. Having this knowledge from film school always helped me at work. I edited 4 short films and 2 music videos. Engaged frames into a story arc and captured the attention of the audience. My biggest focus was to make a long-lasting impact on my work.

Whatever your needs are, I am looking forward to hearing from you


+381 65 457 1243


Belgrade, Serbia